A glimpse into an Indian mindset

An Indian restaurant in Georgetown. I am ordering a vegetarian meal and ask a waiter about vegetarian choices. He answers my question with a couple of sentences and without further ado begins to praise lamb and chicken meals they have. Finally I order a vegetarian banana leaf set. When they bring the meal, it comes with three different sauces, which the waiter introduces. Dhaal, another veggie sauce and a CHICKEN SAUCE! If I was a vegetarian, I would be pretty pissed off. Apparently meat-based sauces count as vegetarian meal in Asian mindset. Thai do that too by using oyster sauce in veggie meals.

I got my dose of India in Malaysia and I guess I won’t go to India this time. Doing China and India in one journey is a bit too much for me and I will do the latter sometime next time with a fresh start.

The grandeur of Singapore

One of the most stunning things I’ve seen in Singapore is this patch of empty land right in the heart of the city and believe me there are many wondrous things around here. It is just a lawn with few scattered trees, they did not even bother to create a park. The sign says “This site is for casual community and recreational use”. Simple as that. I can only imagine how insanely expensive land is in Singapore, so leaving an empty space like that right in the middle of Singapore is truly amazing. Subtle, yet very effective. I have no clue about the reasoning behind this site, but maybe just because they can?