A glimpse into an Indian mindset

An Indian restaurant in Georgetown. I am ordering a vegetarian meal and ask a waiter about vegetarian choices. He answers my question with a couple of sentences and without further ado begins to praise lamb and chicken meals they have. Finally I order a vegetarian banana leaf set. When they bring the meal, it comes with three different sauces, which the waiter introduces. Dhaal, another veggie sauce and a CHICKEN SAUCE! If I was a vegetarian, I would be pretty pissed off. Apparently meat-based sauces count as vegetarian meal in Asian mindset. Thai do that too by using oyster sauce in veggie meals.

I got my dose of India in Malaysia and I guess I won’t go to India this time. Doing China and India in one journey is a bit too much for me and I will do the latter sometime next time with a fresh start.

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