Breakfast drama

A peaceful quiet morning in Pai, I am having a stuffed veggie omelette for breakfast. A hang-around dog is peacefully sleeping next to me. A cheeky cat walks nearby, recognizes me as a cat-friendly person, changes its direction and without further ado jumps on the table to have some of my omelette. I like cats, but not as much as to allow them to eat from my plate. The cat is firmly removed from the table and a piece of omelette is thrown on the floor. Now the dog wakes up to life, sees the injustice and starts barking at the cat. The cat stops eating, looks at the dog and freaks out a bit. Another dog hears the bark, approaches us and sits near the cat. This is a little bit too much for the cat. The cat gets into aggressive mode, gets her hair stood end and tail fluffed, starts spitting and clearly shows that the food is hers. One dog barking, the cat freaking out and another dog just sitting nearby just if it minds its own business. All accompanied by the peaceful Pai atmosphere. This drama goes on for some time, but eventually the second dog leaves and the first dog stops its bark. The cat finishes the omelette and without showing signs of gratitude leaves the crime scene. The first dog gets to lick the plate and then goes back to sleep. Peace is restored.

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