A boutique hostel

Most of the hostels I have been to are just a basic place to sleep and hang out in (sometimes it is just the first part). Design is an afterthought, if present at all. Not that it really matters (a bed is a bed), but it is a pleasure to see a place designed with some aesthetics in mind. There is this hostel called Pak Up in Krabi Town, which is easily the best hostel I have ever stayed in. Not only it is super clean, has air-con, hot water and snow-white sheets, but the place has got its own unique style and character. It is like a modern art gallery designed by contemporary Danish artists. Designer lamps, lounge cushions, grey concrete, chrome and dark massive wood. Minimal, stylish and chic – just as I like. Every dorm has own its own school class related theme. Each bed in the Math dorm is square root of a number. The Music dorm names beds after different genres (mine was Ambient) and so on. At some point I had a choice between a dorm in Pak-Up for 200 baht and a really basic single room in a no-name place for 100 baht. I went for the former. Yes, it is that good.

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