A hippy way

Last weekend me and a couple of friends went to Adams to see Legowelt. The only problem was Legowelt had played the day before, something we had not realised until asking the bouncer about the lineup change. “It was an awesome party” was the comment of the bouncer.

I approached the organisation of this trip in a more or less same fashion. Moved out of and cleaned the apartment, signed a new apartment contract, took care of the bureaucratic necessary evils, went to a party and an urban festival, packed for the journey, serviced the bicycle, took care of bicycle maps and organised digital entertainment, all in the matter of one week-end. Today I went to a wrong terminal and was almost late for the boat too. Why bother taking a look at the ticket indeed? Very stressful, but survived from it with minimal casualties so far.

The next stop is Stockholm, from where I will cycle to Ödeshög for ten days of meditation, silence and early wake ups. The longest I’ve ever cycled was from Helsinki to Porvoo and back. Roughly 100km in total, after which I felt very sorry for myself. Now I have 280km to pedal in the span of two and half days. Hammock for sleeping, buckwheat for energy, iPad for entertainment.

Epic Journey 3 starts here. The future is so bright that you have to wear shades.

Over and out.

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