Thoughts on a rainy day

Surprisingly enough it has been raining here on Haad Yuan for the last few days, even though it is technically a dry season. Rainy weather is fine in my book, as it is a perfect excuse to be lazy and concentrate on food and chilling out. Drying clothes is a hassle and there is a chance of getting mold, though
The sea has been very rough to the point that it is scary to swim. I have this “can swim anytime anywhere” mentality, but swimming a couple of times in the rough sea sobered me up (and gave a bruise on a thigh too). A couple of powerful waves gave me a flashback of the tsunami of 2004 bringing the state of panic to surface. Swimming was not a very wise idea, after all. You do not joke with the sea.
Anyways, it is Friday and it is a party at Guy’s Bar tonight. Tonight’s plan is to go to bed early, wake up before the sunrise and head to Guy’s Bar. Early morning to late afternoon is the best time to be there anyway.
End of transmission.