Pancakes and freedom

20120721-113154.jpgMy energy consumption has been enormously high. I am constantly hungry and I would not mind having something even after a large meal. I prefer a diet of vegetables and fruits normally, but now I feel like hardly eating those. Kebab meat, something I avoid back at home, has been noted to provide energy for a long time. Grease, salt and tons of calorie, mmmm..

If it has fat and sugar, then it is right up my valley. Ein Kaffe mit Kuchen, bitte. Sugar makes a huge difference providing an almost instant energy boost. Eating a chocolate bar or something similar after a big breakfast makes pedalling much more enjoyable. Sugar boost requires a proper meal beforehand. Sugar on its own makes me feel empty and unsatisfied. A beer and an energy drink has been noted to be a good combination too. Beer is treacherous though, as at times it seems to have an opposite effect. Not to mention that in countries like Poland there is zero tolerance for alcohol on the road that concerns also cyclists. Living on the edge, man.

I became fond of making pancakes at pitstops. The idea of me making pancakes for my hosts always met with enthusiasm. Everybody likes pancakes after all. High fat and high sugar is something I need to continue my journey. Win-win for the both parties. It took me several false starts to master the technique of pancakes considering different pans and spatulas, but eventually I got hang of it. In Berlin at Juha and Maija’s place, there was no spatula, so after a quick brainstorming session we made one using a piece of plastic, a butter knife, tinfoil and some duct tape. DIY at its best and excellent pancakes too. Yes.