Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping has never been easier than in Hong Kong. The entire city is geared towards effortless money spending. The moment you venture outside you find yourself surrounded by myriads of shops. Shops are not limited to ground floors, but can be found on any level of multistorey buildings. In fact if you look for a bargain, your best bet is shops hidden on upper levels of tower buildings. Another interesting feature of Hong Kong is that shopping malls do not have public sitting space. So if you wish to take a rest, your only option is a cafe or a restaurant, which means spending more money. I am undecided whether it is genius or just plain evil.

This consumerism culture made me almost want to stay in Hong Kong and indulge in shopping and eating and find a job to support this lifestyle. Fortunately we made it out of Hong Kong, before this idea turned into reality. Below are purchases made during this shopping frenzy.

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