Phu Quoc Island

Phuc Ol Phu Quoc is reputed for having the best sunsets in the whole Vietnam. It makes sense, as it is one of the few places in Vietnam that has a coast facing the west. Phu Quoc is quite big, some 45km long and some 20km wide at its widest point. The island is already not a paradise retreat, but not yet fully developed. It is somewhere in between and developed parts do not look nice at all. Proper roads are being built all over the island and by proper I mean wide avenues that could pass highways. Construction of resorts is not far behind too. Most of the tourist action is centered on the central west part of the island on Long Beach. The beach is rather long indeed, but that is about the only great thing about it. Other than that, it is dark sand and rough sea and new piles of garbage every day. On contrast, the whole eastern part of the island has almost entirely escaped the fate of development. No long beaches here, but instead there is squeaking white sand, turquoise sea, small fisher villages and battered dirt roads. Bao Sao beach in the South East has early signs of tourist development, but it is all very neat so far. Other equally brilliant no name beaches have absolutely nothing on them. No resorts, no bars and no people . Now writing these words, I kinda regret that I did not go to any of them, but instead drove past them. Oh well.

It rained every day, but storms were no match for spectacular thunderstorms in Laos. Just boring rain, grey clouds and sometimes thunder in the distance. Somehow Laos has mastered delivering awesome nature presentations, be it in the form of clouds or tropical storms. The weather and crappy accommodation did not make a good first impression of the island. But then I found nice accommodation and met nice people. Good-looking spacious bungalow with wi-fi, sea breeze, a hammock and nice garden area. Three girls from Helsinki ending their exchange studies in Bali by doing a quick tour around Vietnam and Cambodia. Niels and Stephanie I had met in Da Lat arrived too. So it was alright after all. Seafood at the local night market was excellent and cheap too. Considering all of the above, I almost overstayed one more night, but the journey had to be continued towards the wonders of Cambodia.

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