Passports again

Had a chance to see more passports and here is the deal. Norwegian passport is surprisingly plain for such a forward-thinking and independent country. The British one is just boring. Spanish is very nice for an European passport – every page has its own background picture with all things Spanish. I like it. Singaporean passport has a bright red cover similar to the Swiss one, but the contents are unfortunately not that exciting. The real gem among passports is a Bhurmese one: rare as hell, a green cover and buddhist art influenced inner contents. Very unique looking, have not seen anything like this (or many people with a Bhurmese passport for that matter). Another interesting one is a Pakistani passport. It has a green cover too (this time it must be an islamic thing) and flows from right to left. In other words the first page is in the end of the passport. I wonder what passports of other Islamic nations are like.

I also met this guy holding three passports: Swiss, American and Bhurmese. All three are very hard to obtain and all are very spectacularly looking too. Talk about an ultimate combo!

Still working on obtaining a Swiss passport just for its looks.

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