I used to despise McDonalds, but had to change my opinion in the last few months. Their food is still crap, but I learnt to appreciate free toilets and free wi-fi. I am currently at Johar Bahru bus terminal having a couple of hours to kill before the bus and McDonalds makes my wait much more pleasant. Gotta love the international conglomerate sometimes.
While I am on the subject of McDonalds, I have to add that I’ve met backpackers (from Finland too), whose diet is made up of McMeals only, no matter what country they are in. Local food is such a big part of the overall experience and depriving yourself of it is just plain stupid. I just had some nasi lemak wrapped in a banana leaf. It was nothing special, but the overall experience (a banana leaf, dirty surroundings and everything) is invaluable.

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