Husqvarna and Jönkoping.

There is nothing interesting about Husqvarna except its fascinating name, which gave the name to the company. There is something about Swedish language or rather city/town names, which make them good candidates as brand or product names. To name a few: Dingle, Tomten, Smögen, Tanum, Morup, Kvia, Floby, Demore etc. There is actually a company named Demore, something I learned only later. So if you ever need to come up for a catchy name for your brand, just take a look at the map of Sweden. Zoom in to the level of villages for real gems. In case you want to make it sound more exotic with a touch of Scandinavian aesthetics, just pick a name with umlauts. No need for such aberrations, as Häagen-Dazs.

The setting of Jönkoping reminded me of Geneve with the long lake and neatness everywhere. Similarities end here though. The town did not seem to be any exciting, apart from the fact that it is a birthplace of a matchstick. There is even a museum dedicated to matchsticks there, which was promptly skipped. The area around Jönkoping is much more interesting with it lush forests, swamps, gnomes, trolls and fairies. None were seen, but maybe another time.

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