Epic Journey Part 2: The Orient Express

It has been more than eight months of my life as an unemployed bum. I quit my job at the end of January and started planning a trip to Asia right after. However, life has a particular way to make surprises and instead of going to Asia, I ended up in Lapland far above the Arctic Circle re-designing a website. Having spent nearly two months in the middle of Lappish forest, I got back to Helsinki just in time for the summer and what truly special summer it was. There was little point in going to Asia during these magical three months, especially considering extremely hot weather and forest fires raging all over Russia. Alas, all good things come to an end and summer finally turned to autumn, bringing a taste of winter chill and one of the most beautiful ruska. So here eight months later, I finally began to fulfill my initial plan. First Russia, then Mongolia, then China, after that who knows. It might be South Korea and Japan or may be somewhere else – the time will show. I will keep you posted.

Over and out.

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