Epic Journey 2.5: Return To The Beach

Ah, spontaneous traveling we meet again
Monday – started toying with an idea to book a last-minute flight to somewhere. Found two reasonable options – Thailand for 495€ (I have never flown this cheap) or Panama for 595€. Panama is mysterious – there is always a risk of nothing to do, nothing to see and no-one to talk to. 18h bus-trips, being misunderstood and a whole bag of big unknowns. No thanks. Guaranteed quality holiday is preferred. Had Yuan/Had Thien then.
Tuesday – Finished with the exams. Booked my flight.
Wednesday – Flew to Krabi

Helsinki → Krabi → Surat Thani → Donsak → Koh Phangan. The 21h marathon journey and still one songthaew and one boat trip away from the beach. The first impression about Thailand is that well it seems empty. The airplane had at least 1/3 vacant seats. In fact I had four seats for myself and had a relatively good night sleep too. The bus from Krabi to Surat Thani was half empty as well as had only a few tourists. Same goes with the boat to Koh Phangan. Funnily enough the boat ride took over three hours despite no apparent reasons, which led me to the conspiracy theory territory that it was a way of boat operators to compensate for a low number of customers (the longer it takes, the more people buy things they do not really need). Thongsala for the night with its lovely night market and the beach awaits tomorrow.

On the boat I met Frank from the UK. His wife left him five years ago, so he threw out a normal life with a job, children and illusion of security and became a full-time hippy. He has been travelling since then. Life is a funny thing. I asked him what he was really really good at. His response was that he attracts people and people come talk to him. Could not be more true, as it was me who stroke a conversation with him.

PS: A proof that we are living in the future now: “Scientific Crime Detection Center 8” sign spotted in Surat Thani.

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