This is the 100th post. Eight months, 100 posts, a new post every three days on average. It is hard to believe that it has been so many posts with all the hectic traveling and endless fun. I feel I never have time for the blog. I am always behind. I am currently on Koh Chang, but yet to finish with Vietnam or cover any of the adventures in Cambodia. It is a constant battle against a never-ending torrent of new experiences. Sometimes writing feel like a chore, but on the other hand it is a good substitute for concrete work in the absence of other obligations. When I started this blog, I fully realized the most common pitfall to travel blogs. Starting a blog, maintaining for a month or two, succumbing to the wonders of traveling and abandoning the whole thing. Indeed, keeping the blog up-to-date has been a challenge and I’ve had to make a constant effort to write. I go to a wi-fi place to do an update, but end up flirting with women instead. In the battle of socializing vs writing, the former almost always wins. I go to a quiet lazy place that has nothing to do, but end up doing.. well.. nothing. The power of lazy places is truly overwhelming.

Another thing is that with so many exciting things happening on a daily basis, there is a problem of what to write about. I’ve hardly written about the most amazing experiences I’d had. Either they are tied to a specific context, are too personal or lose their relevance by the time I decide to write about them. Instead most of the posts are general overviews of the places I have been to. I write very little about people I meet, even though people are a major if not the most important part of the traveling experience. The reason is that I simply do not know what and how to write. One of the reasons for creating this blog is to learn how to write and get into the habit of writing. Writing still requires a lot of effort, but at least the habit and discipline are there.

I have statistics software installed, but I rarely check it. At times it feels that nobody ever reads that my rumblings, until I get a surprising comment about one of my posts. Ahh, almost like “Christmas comes early” scenario.

I want to thank everyone who have found time to read my thoughts and musings. Much appreciated. Thank you.

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